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Family Group

Our weekly family group provides an opportunity for parents to have an enjoyable morning in a small group alongside other families. Groups are kept to a maximum of 10 families per group. We do this to ensure that each family attending has the opportunity to develop friendships within the group amongst other parents, volunteers and staff.

Activities at the group have been developed to aid children’s speech and language, social skills such as turn taking and sharing, physical development such as jumping and catching a ball, fine motor skills such as holding a crayon or using scissors and glue, play skills and more.

Family group provides a safe, structured morning routine of fun and learning for parents and children.

Family group runs on a Tuesday and Thursday morning, 10.15am-12noon.

If you would are interested in hearing more about our wonderful Family Group please send us a message through our contact us page and we will get back in touch.

“Family Group means so much to me personally. I’ve been able to routinely get out with my son and give him some much needed one to one time. It’s helped me feel less isolated and make new friends – and have fun! I’d be lost without the help and support I get through this group.”

Incredible Years

The Incredible Years parenting programme is an evidence based parenting programme that equips parents with the knowledge to parent in the best way for their child. The 14 week programme will  take you on a parenting journey beginning with how to communicate with your child, how to play with you child, how to coach your child through play, how to develop your child’s social & emotional skills through play, the importance of praising your child, household rules and routines, how to effectively use sticker charts and reward systems, when to ignore behaviour, natural and logical consequences for children, effective use of time-out and helping children to problem solve independently.

Each week in the session we will discuss our home activities, learn new ideas from each other, watch other parents on vignettes using the newly learned techniques, practice our new ideas and finally end with a discussion around home activities for the incoming week.

The next Incredible Years course is due to begin on Wednesday 13th September 2017. To find out more please send us a message through our contact us page. 

 “Incredible Years has helped me get back to myself and get a little bit of sparkle back. I have really enjoyed every week. Thank you Julie and Roxanne for this lovely, calm and welcoming atmosphere and all your positivity! My bond with my son has also improved.”

Cook It!

The Cook it! Programme has been developed as a readily accessible course that not only teaches parents the fundamentals of providing a well-balanced diet but also offers parent the opportunity to gets hand on, practical experience of making new recipes and experimenting with new flavours. Each week of the course focuses on different areas of the Eatwell guide and each parent completing the course receives a folder of family approved recipes to try at home.

A crèche is provided.

The next Cook-It! course is due to begin on Friday 20th October 2017.  To find out more please send us a message through our contact us page and we get back in contact with you.

“It has been a great experience for us both. I have enjoyed learning to cook new dishes and my daughter enjoyed playing and having a great time at Home-Start.”


The Mini-Mend is a healthy lifestyle programme, aimed at families with children within the 2-4 years old age range. The 10 week programme follows a similar structure each session and encourages parents to get engaged with exercise alongside their child through fun and games, try new fruit and vegetables each week and to also increase their knowledge of making healthy choices within the home around food and meals.

The next Mini-Mend course is due to begin on Friday 26th January 2018. To find out more, please use send us a message through our contact us page

“Really enjoyed the whole course. Learning about exercise and nutrition for myself and child. We enjoyed trying new food each week and will continue to do this at home.”

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